Lessons for Adults

Whether you are an adult beginner, or wishing to re-kindle a childhood skill, do not hesitate to start with your own piano lessons.

In today’s stressful world, setting aside a little time for yourself to sit at the piano is time well spent. As well as feeding your artistic side, you will stretch out your brain – and hands – in a way that provides a release of expression and emotion.

Many adults who took lessons in childhood deeply miss having music in their daily lives, and want to fill that need. Those who take lessons for the first time in adulthood experience the joy of fulfilling a longheld desire to develop their musical ability.

As an adult, you have already learnt self-control and concentration, which will help you to set up a regular practice time and focus on your goals. Having already met the challenges of school and career-building, you know that good results happen over time.

I enjoy tailoring the pieces you will learn to your preferences or specific requests, so that you can truly love and enjoy your musical journey.

Take the step now to begin truly enjoying a skill that gives back to you in ways that can’t be measured.