I was raised in Perth, Australia and grew up in a musical family, with all of my sisters and myself playing piano and other instruments, including clarinet, trumpet, cello and string bass. As a child, I was fascinated by my grandfather’s ability to pick up any instrument and play it beautifully. This is my earliest memory of my first love of music.

At the age of eight I began taking piano lessons, and was instructed using the Guildhall School of Music syllabus. While still young, I played the cello for a time, and then moved onto play the string bass as a teenager, also adding vocal lessons to my schedule while still continuing in my piano studies.

Perth Concert hallI enjoyed expanding my performance skills as part of several award-winning high school ensembles, including a wind orchestra, string orchestra and jazz band. As a part of these, I enjoyed touring and performing in New Zealand and Singapore, as well as having the opportunity to play at the Perth Concert Hall.

For many years I have enjoyed teaching piano from my home to many children, teenagers and adults. Some are beginner students of a young age, and some are students of an adult age looking to re-learn or improve a skill they began as a young person and regret not keeping, or learn a skill they wish they had been able to have.